Monday, July 12, 2004

I Hate to Be Right

I know that one bad outing by Carpenter doesn't automatically make me right. But...

"Chris Carpenter has the best record at 9-3. Like I said I want to be wrong, but Carpenter will probably not keep up this pace."
-July 10, 2004

The Cardinals witnessed first hand the old adage, "Good pitching beats good hitting." Kerry Wood's dominance of the Cardinals through 5 innings (Baker being careful on Wood because he just came off the DL) is just a taste of the power a dominate pitcher brings to the table. St. Louis has 1. Hitting 2. Bullpen (So far) 3. Speed 4. Fielding 5. Power, but not a dominate starter. Matt Morris is extremely streaky, and unfortunately can no longer be counted among baseball's top tier of SP's.

Pipe dream of the week: acquire Randy Johnson. He would look very "Ek" like in the Cardinal uni.

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