Friday, July 09, 2004

Out in Left Field (Needs part I)

Ok folks. Sit back take a deep breath and tell me why you want to trade for a left fielder. Many in the Cardinal nation are hoping that Walt will make a move to fill this position that many say is unmanned. I would agree that having a top notch regular left fielder would be a help. But is that our Redbird's biggest need? I don't believe it is. Essentially, LaRussa has been doing a LF by committee. Mabry. Cedeno. Lankford. With Pujols' move to first base to cover the departed Tino Martinez, the LF position was left vacant. Setting aside fielding ability, lets compare what we had last year with what we have this year Martinez vs. Madenford (Mabry, Cedeno, Lankford):

Tino 66 130 25 2 15 69 204 1 71 53 .273

Madenford 49 92 17 2 12 41 149 4 82 42 .271

"HA!" you say. "Tino's stats are so much better than this platoon manning LF. Hold on a minute "lead-foot," these are just half a season's stats for our three-headed LF'er v. an entire year's worth of stats for Tino.

Now the only glaring stat against this year's LF'er is the SO's.

If we are going to trade for anything let it be for something that has been our weakness for the past few years....

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