Monday, July 12, 2004

More For Our Money?

Who has the best record per money spent? Where do our small Midwestern finches stand?

"You gotta spend money to make money." In the case of MLB you have to spend money to make championships. The following stats are Winning % divided by millions spent for 2004. Teams want to have a higher WPPM, but as you will see, teams that are not willing to be bargain hunters will probably wind up playing in October.

Current Standings:

NL Central WPPM
Cardinals 7.7
Cubs 5.9
Reds 12.4
Brewers 18.7
Astros 6.8
Pirates 11.3

Phillies 5.7
Braves 5.8
Marlins 12.2
Mets 5.3
Expos 8.3

Dodgers 6.2
Giants 6.7
Padres 8.3
Rockies 6.0
DBacks 5.0

AL Central WPPM
White Sox 8.1
Twins 10.0
Indians 13.8
Tigers 9.7
Royals 7.6

Yankees 3.5
Red Sox 4.7
DRays 16.7
Blue Jays 8.7
Orioles 9.2

Rangers 9.7
Athletics 9.1
Angels 5.3
Mariners 4.8

So where does a team draw the line? The Yankees spend more than anyone, but they're winning. Cardinals are doing great at 7.7 and have the 2nd best record in baseball. The Twins are only 2 games out. They're WPPM is much higher than their division rival ChiSox. Are the Twins' owners willing to drop their WPPM so as to increase the one stat that does matter PCT?

Question for Walt Jockety: Are you willing to decrease the WPPM just a little bit in order to help shore up a vulnerable rotation?

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