Saturday, July 10, 2004

Pitching (Needs part II)

I want to be wrong. Please let me be wrong. But Cardinal pitching is overachieving and it seems to be only a matter of time before we all come crashing back to this planet we call "Earth."

The past few years the St. Louis Cardinals' mantra has been: "yeah....but we have no pitching." Riding the coat-tails of one of the best offenses in baseball will only get you so far. This year, especially this last month, has been quite the exception. The Cardinals' staff has mowed down opponents liked thin dried grass. Over the recent homestand Redbird pitching has held opponents to 3 runs or less. All 5 starters have been winning games. However, the lack of a dominant pitcher is noticable. Chris Carpenter has the best record at 9-3. Like I said I want to be wrong, but Carpenter will probably not keep up this pace. Before the 31st arrives, the need still remains: Pitching.

Simply because we are pitching well in this half month does not mean we can ignore the sins of the past. Jockety SHOULD pursue top quality pitching--especially with Matt Morris refusing his contract extention earlier this year.

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