Thursday, July 15, 2004


"The Cardinals need someone to be able to put up all zeroes on occasion -- Morris has been a disappointment there...The pitching staff is serviceable, but not spectacular. Upgrades will be needed if they really expect to hold off the Cubs' charge. The stars are aligning (Wood, Prior and Sosa off the DL) for (the Cubs)...a serious second-half run at the vulnerable Cardinals, who might eventually show chinks in their rotation."
-Eric Mack Staff Writer

I am the homely man, unshaven, and dirty holding a sign saying, "Repent the End is near--if we don't aquire more pitching."

My friend Peter White,, made sure to tell me not to be too picky. However, when your team has been playing way above itself you want to make sure your team stays there. More's the pity for the hapless Mariners. The Cardinals desperately (maybe not obviously) need a shut-down man in the rotation.

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