Friday, October 08, 2004

Game 2

Wow I hate blogger! I have lost so many posts.

  • Fox was pretty annoying with their "Dodge Dakota Pre-Game Show" with that constant "Hit It!" (Insert annoying jingle here).
  • Haren looked great! Glad to know that their is hope despite the free-agency of ... errr...let's talk about happier things.
  • U-G-L-Y turns out we got an alibi! We UGLY hey hey We UGLY! Doesn't matter though we won. Was that not the closest 8-3 match you have ever seen? I was pulling my hair out in the 4th.
  • Will the real best bullpen in the majors please stand up? Its way overdue for the Redbirds' Relievers to get some serious props. "No Cal, you can stay seated."
  • Marquis gave up some monster-mashes! (What was up with that really lame monster-movie teaser?) Hopefully he's just getting that out of his system. The league has officially run out of tape measure!
  • WOW am I looking forward to Staurday. It is HEAVEN REALIZED through sports for one day! At least for me. "This will be a day long remembered. It will see the end of the Longhorns and will soon see the end of the Dodgers."

-CV (Cardinal Vader)

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