Thursday, October 14, 2004

Just a Matter of Time

At the risk of sounding really over-confident: Its just a matter of time. All a matter of the Hot team vs. The Good team. After witnessing the Astros take a 4-2 lead I quickly thought to myself, "They're going to need more than a 2 run lead to stave off this offense." The real question is just a matter of how many games. Clemens and Oswalt might slow down the 'Stros' bleeding, but they have encountered a fatal disease in the Redbirds. The potent poison of choice last night was not the long-ball as the Cardinals often use (Pujols' being the exception). This just demonstrates that the Cardinals' weapon of choice is more a weapon of "Okay, we had a bad night and we still posted 10 runs." All in all most would like to see a better productive start from their number 1. ( I use that title carefully). Hopefully Woody is getting the chinks out now. We'll need his "A" game come Brooklyn time. Yes, that's right the Red Sox will get lucky to force a game 5. For our sake I will be cheering for the Red Sox to wear out Yankee pitching as much as possible. I would love for Mussina to have to make a game 5 start to clinch it. Then again, he'd still have enough time to rest up--probably. If a true miracle would occur I would love to face the Schillingless Sox. There is something creepy about the Yankee's post-season mystique. If you have time stop by the Basilica and throw up a novena for Carpenter. Jesus was a carpenter so there should be some bias there. HA!

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