Monday, October 11, 2004

Was it just me?

Was it just me or

  • were the Fox anchors miserable as usual? Especially after the handshakes between the two clubs when they commented, "the Dodgers came out to acknowledge the fans and probably got caught up in shaking the Cardinals' hands." Is it so hard to believe that this was done out of charity and goodness of heart? In just about EVERY sport except Baseball, on the professional level, there are congratulations between opposing teams. Why shouldn't this be the case here?
  • were the Dodger fans horrible? I wasn't at the game so I might not have a perfect idea of all that went on, but 1) they seemed to boo every pitch that was called a ball...even those that seemed a foot or more off the plate (at least through the first 4 innings) what do they want from the ump?! 2) several fans were cheering and applauding the moment Edgar got beaned between the shoulder blades! This was not applause for him shaking it off. These were cheers for the beaning. While I did hear distinct cheers in favor of it, it wasn't as loud as other cheers so I know that their were plenty of LA fans who are not like this. But I was still shocked at the amount of fans that would cheer for something like this. Its not like we are Yanks in Boston.
  • was Pujols' homerun a mistake? I'll take it. But it sure looks like he hit pitch out of the strikezone. It looked a lot like a long fly ball. I know of the theory that Homeruns are mistakes. Blah Blah Blah But this was a mistake. Tip your hat to Pujols because it was hit pure strength that put the ball out of reach.
  • was the Cardinal defense amazing?
  • was Jeff Suppan a class act?


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