Monday, August 08, 2005

Who me?

Wow its been a long time since I've posted. I guess that's what two summer school sessions of grad level biblical Hebrew will do to you. I'm not out of the woods yet as I still have 3 weeks of good times. Then its "out of the frying pan and into the fire" as the fall semester starts up.

So....Injuries galore and we're still 10 games up on arguably the hottest team in baseball.

Imagine a Cardinal's lineup with a healthy Rolen, Molina, Edmonds, Pujols, Walker, and Sanders. Just imagine.

And let me tell you what I'm sick of. "The Astros sure are dangerous with those 1-2-3 starting pitchers. In a short series blah blah blah." Its true. Any team with quality starters will be dangerous in a short series. But seriously...lets give the Redbird's starters their due. Carpenter (CY frontrunner), Mulder, Morris (a resurgent) then imagine Suppan and Marquis coming out of the pen. Yeah that's sick. Astros don't have that. And they don't have Carlos "he should have that removed" Beltran to hit 9 HR's in an abreiviated postseason for them. Kent gone too? Sure the killer B's are in rare form, but does anyone think that they will stay at that? Think Petite will be healthy? hahahhahaha

The Cardinals have maintained a 10 game lead with the likes of Diaz and Mahoney, J-Rod (man he takes a beating), Seabol, John Gall (about bloody time he got the call), Luna, and Nunez more than frequenting the lineup? This is not what one would expect to maintain a lead the likes of which the Cardinal's are sporting. This season reminds me of a basketball game. A team packed with stars gets out to an early lead and then has to rest starters for foul trouble, injuries, or a simple breather. Then they put in these guys you've never heard of. But just when you thought that the trailing team might make a run without the stars in there the scrubs hold em off, and even extend the lead. Is there anything more demoralizing to the team trying to come back? The current Cardinals roster is doing just that. With healthy and great pitching and a more than scrapy lineup, let the Astros be the "Hottest team in baseball" all they want. Imagine as they real off another 8-10 stretch and they look up and still see another double digit lead.

Man, its good to be a Cardinals fan.

"Your mom goes to college."