Friday, March 24, 2006

...than you can shake a stick at

Lots of new (at least to me) cardinal blogs out there. Here are a few:

"Whatever I feel like doing, Gosh!"

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Clearing Cobwebs

Its time to clear the cobwebs of another offseason, and things look promising.

This is where I tell you that many a blogger and even more a professional writer will point out how "staying healthy is the key" to a successful season.

This is where I tell you that there are some new blogs out there that are worth a look (more on that in a later post).

This is where I tell you that is a bummer that Redbird Reasoning is no longer posting.

This is where I tell you that the player I refuse to talk about has now resurfaced only to fall to another injury.

...where I tell you that the way people are bemoaning Encarnacion, Spivey, and the left-fielder-to-be-named sounds an awful lot like the moans a year ago about Nunez, Grud, and Eckstein.

...where I tell you that we have a great problem if Ponson is battling just to make the rotation.

...where I tell you that Pujols better not hurt himself playing in the WBC.

...where I tell you a part of me is cheering for the Dom Rep.

...that I can't wait for my first game at new Busch.

...that loyalties aside, losing Morris is a very good thing, hated to see you go, Mo.

...that you know its going to be a good year in the central when the Reds are all hyped about their 37 year old prospect from Japan.

...that the Pirates are still the Pirates, the Cubs are still the Cubs, and the Astros are just too old.

Here's to another quality year. GO CARDS!

"You can't take her stuff. She's too old. I mean look at her...she's ooollld."
Happy Gilmore