Thursday, September 28, 2006

Super Pujols

In a reality some people think is completely devoid of real superheros--I submit A. Pujols. The "man" just tied Willie Mays for game winning HR's in a season. Mere mortal? Nay, I say. But perhaps last night's triple-deck-dinger should have counted for extra. The Cardinals found themselves in their 3rd 7th game slide. Like Superman saving the always beleaguered Metropolis, so too has Pujols carried this steakiest of teams into the land of magic number 4. Assuming we retain our 1st place Central position, there are things that even the mighty Puols can't save the redbirds from--a collapse by the Dodgers. The Phillies have a relatively easy schedule remaining 1 at D.C. and 3 in Florida. The Dodgers also have a fairly easy 3 agaisnt S.F. and 1 against CO. With only a 1 game lead in the Wildcard, its anyone's game. I'm sure most of you are aware that if the Phillies get the W.C. it means we play the Mets. While the Mets have been cold of late, they are playing clinched playoff baseball--an entirely different game. What do I think? Lets not blow this Central thingy--then we'll bother with who we will play.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I write more "back posts" then normal ones...

Such is the life of grad school. Funny how my last post was about an 8 game slide. Now we are facing another one. The pressure is on and we are facing the biggest choke job in MLB history. That's right, kids--in MLB history. Have you ever been to Houston and seen the size of their cockroaches? Know how cockroaches never die? Can you think of a better name than the Astros?