Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Coming out of retirement...

...for the second time. I would say it doesn't matter, but its the Astros. Should we go ahead and delcare them the wildcard winners now? Gosh, I'm sick of the Rocket.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Did we really need...

...the modifying prepositional phrase? What planet is Garner on?

"He's the hottest man on the planet with somebody in scoring position."

-Garner on AP


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Semester is over!

Papers are graded...mine are turned in. Ah! It feels good. Almost as good as our lead on the Central. Now that feels good. Let's catch up...
1.Pujols is on a record breaking pace, but how long will it take before he starts getting the intentional pass more often. While it is true Albert has had way more protection than Bonds, its only a matter of time. Which means, that 81 HR pace (or whatver it is now), is going to taper off.... Additionally, his back has been bothering him quite a bit. Let's not have anymore slips on the logos shall we? And no, that wasn't some clever messianic reference either, but man...that would be clever. Anyone heard any word...get it? "word?" "logos?" ...nothing?...nevermind. Philistines. Has anyone heard anyting regarding his palatar facieitis (sp?). Has Saruman or Denethor looked into this? Gosh, I'm full of all sorts of nerdy references today. Just consider it making up for missing nearly a month. Seriously, how is his foot?

2.I saw AP strikeout the other day. I was I looked it up. He's only K'd 11 times. Anyone know the record for best HR to SO ratio? Compared to previous seasons he's doing good for AP.

3.Will the Bullpen keep up this pace? Does are bullpen remind you of the Goonies?
No? Me neither.

4.Is it me or are the Tigers the worst 1st place team ever? No? Look at their schedule and talk to me later.

5.I am one of those people that believes that it doesn't matter where Clemens winds up, he's going to directly effect the outcome of the Cardinals.

6.welp gotta run.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Its My Fault

Seems like everytime I try to catch the Cards coming into Great American Ballpark, they lose. I blame myself. So...I won't go to today's game. Plus I have papers to grade.

Some notes on last nights game:
Pujols was seeing the ball well. He stroked several LONG fall balls. He just got under a few. He's looking good. He feels confident he can hit it out EVERY pitch.

Molina looks miserable. Put me in coach. At what point does his poor hitting make him too much of a liability? At least Matheny got a few bloop hits here are there. Bennett is NOT the answer.

How in the world did Arroyo EVER hit those two homeruns? He has one of the ugliest swings I've ever seen...even for a former AL pitcher. And someone get that boy some scissors. His hair was in MY face and I was in the Mezzanine.

Cheerleaders?!?! At a baseball game. Reds lose several respect points in my book. And they were dancing to the B52's to boot--bleh!

To the fat Red's fan who swore so much that he would make Good Will Hunting blush, your behavior in front of children is not cool.

To the rest of the Red's fans, you all are a class act, I always have a great time coming to GAB...except that the Cards lose every time I come to watch. Maybe that's why ya'll are so nice to me...