Thursday, June 29, 2006

Off the Snide!

Took long enough but the ball finally bounced our way. "A matter of time?" yes and no. Depends on the antecedant...Was it a matter of time that we hit the snide? Was it a matter of time that we came out of it. I guess its rather yes and yes. We started out strong but then became too reliant upon Pujols to win games. When I say reliant, I mean he had too many game winning one run game hits. You win a lot by one run and you're going to be like the Nats last year. We got found out. Are we still strong enough to win the central? Of course. But lets not get crazy kids. Unless we pick up a fantastic starting pitcher (I don't know what with), by trade time...we won't get past the pennant. That's heard it here first...unless someone has already read it. I haven't been blog trolling in a while due to my dell laptop frying its own mother board. Thanks a lot dell...and the warranty just ran out. I better be careful I'm typing this on a dell at the library...they have eyes...and ears...but I guess you don't need ears to hear what I'm typing.

-Crazy CJ

Friday, June 16, 2006

WHAT?! Molina?!

For you stupid Cardinal-fans out there that are voting for Yadier for the All-Star game (he's third in the National league catcher spot), STOP! You are making us look bad. We are supposed to be the "smartest" fans in the game. Lets not vote like a bunch of "homers."

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just Maintain...

Just maintain...give Pujols plenty of rest and no reason to rush back. Let's make sure he is good and healthy.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Glad Pujols is on the DL

For all those people writing out there that us Cardinal fans would rather see Pujols break Bonds' single season homerun record then win the World Series--read the title! He has been playing with a hurt back for some time now. I want nothing more than to see him healthy. We tried to rush Rolen back last year and look where that got us. I'm certain we can make the post season--its winning in the post season that concerns me the most. So take your time Albert. Take your time Chris. Jimmy. Let's not rush things. Its a long season lets play it accordingly.