Wednesday, April 19, 2006

That's much better!

Edmonds getting in on the act! Bout time!! But even better are good outings from Izzy and Carp. Carp is once again bringing filthy stuff, and if the lineup would have stepped up he'd be 3 and 0.

Question: When and who were the last pair to win the Cy Young and MVP in back to back years(either league and they don't have to be on the same team)?


Let's not ever lose like that to the Pirates EVER again.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rolen's Back

One of the most encouraging things I noticed over the first few games is the play by Scott Rolen. Not only has he been seeing the ball well (as John Rooney points out EVERY at bat), but his play in the field looks good. That diving stop and throw to first from his knees can only be described as FILTHY! Jeff Cirillo needs to go ask for his lunch money back, as that was a mugging.

I really like Pujols' attitude regarding his HR. "I don't care about the home run...I care about the win." This is what separates Pujols from many of the other players out there. He leaves the conjecturing about individual accomplishments to wannabe pundits like me.

This is a big game for Marquis. He came out okay, but walked too many. He's in a contract year, and I hope that we are going to see some good stuff from him.

Bush had a great outing last time for the Brew-crew. Let's hope we can get to him early and make the kid sweat.

"If he raced his pregnant wife he'd finish third." (on catcher Mide Scioscia)
- Tommy Lasorda


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Having missed a sweep...

If one were to be out of town the Chicago series was one to miss. So I'll just pretend that Izzy can throw strikes, Pujols can average more than 1 hit per series, and as Rob at Birdwatch said, "Sitting Edmonds leaves the Cardinals' lineup looking like Pujols, Rolen and the Seven Dwarves in a one-run game."

So...after our sweep of the Phillies we come back home to our brand new stadium and after an amazing game in which Pujols get his 4th of the season and Mulder hits his first ever, we are sitting pretty with a well deserved day off before the game on wed. Opening day was fantastic, as the closest I was able to get was to drive by the stadium just before at 3 central on HWY 64 on my way back from Oklahoma. Does anyone understnad how torturous this was for me? I was completely helpless, being so close, no way to get a ticket, sniff...sniff...I can't take anymore. I'll have to write more later....sniff...

Friday, April 07, 2006

I'll take it

I'll take it. 4 run inning is all it takes. Marquis was oookay. I'm out of town and I'll post more later.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Big Day for X-Files

Big day for X-Files. I've been anxious to see him all offseason. As most everyone knows, this is a big year for Mulder. He's a FA and is looking to get back to his position before the last little funk he had in Oakland. While he had a great season for most pitchers last year, it was not up to par for him. It would do this heart some good to see him come out with a dominating performance of a very good Phillies line-up.

As for Rollins, I'm excited for him, as his current streak is very impressive. I find myself cheering for and against the person challenging the record. Some may not like me for it, but I find myself wanting the mystique of the old record to stay intact. I felt similar regarding MacG and Sosa (and later Bonds)when they were chasing Roger M. Hindsight being 20/20, I really wish they hadn't succeeded, for obvious reasons. But I have little reason (so far) to doubt Rollins' authenticity.

For the sake of my Redbirds, however, I hope he hits nothing but air.

"It's bad luck to be superstitious."
Dave Coggin, Phillies


Monday, April 03, 2006

More Miles

Miles. double. triple. So far so good.

Pujols 2 homers...

Carpenter...was looking good until the 4th. But with that kinda lead...But the Philies usually hit Carpenter.

Got to like the intentional walk to put ducks on a pond for the grand salami for Rolen.

Speaking of Rolen...I want to be deeeeead wrong.

Looks like a "W" to start off the season.

"It good to be the king!" -Mel Brooks, History of the World Part I


Magic 8ball

Feel free to send in your questions to your very own CardinalJohn, a pathetic excuse for a prophet, but you'll get my gut feeling nonetheless.

In a few hours another glorious season for the St. Louis Cardinals will be underway. I'm really stoked.

Will Pujols do even better this year?
My sources say, "Yes." Stronger, more experienced, and he's only 26.

Will Rolen be back to form?
Probably not. He'll be back--as in better than 2005, but that is hardly saying anything. Unfortunely, I don't think he'll ever revert back to his prime. I hope I'm DEAD WRONG.

Will the rotation be able to put up 2005esque numbers?
Most Likely. I've had to eat crow regarding these guys more than once. I've learned not to doubt 'em.

Will the bullpen hold up?
Outlook hazy--for obvious reasons.

Will our outfield be enough?
Yes, but it won't be pretty. I'll join the aging Edmonds but cheer for him all the more. I still think he's got a few more web-gems in him.

Infield replacements?
Yes, and don't believe the doom and gloom talk about the replacements. They were saying the same things about Eck and Grud last year.

Will they win 100 games again?

Will they win the World Series?
Outlook positive.

Will they win today against the Phillies?
You bet your sweet bippy!