Saturday, June 07, 2008

Broken bones and broken hearts.......

Yet another tough loss to those cursed Astros tonight. It's tough to blame any one person for this one, but the offense does seem to the scuffling the last week or so. Injuries haven't helped (Ankeil, Pujols, ect.), but more consistent production is needed from the "big bats" other than Albert. Ludwick has definitely cooled off. Glaus has finally hit a few HRs, but still hasn't hit well enought to bat clean-up on a nightly basis. Certainly Mather has brought a spark, but I think the primary problem is in the middle infield. Izturis has hit better than I expected, but that's because I expected nothing. Miles has been OK when he has played, but not great. Kennedy - terrible. John talked earlier about trading some young talent. We seem to have a glut of young OFs, so I would start there, and look for an upgrade at either SS or 2B. I'm not sure who that would be exactly at this time, but I'm just thinking that's the way to go. I think we have enough pitching, and hopefully, we'll get some injured guys back to bolster the staff around the trading deadline without actually trading for someone. I'd love to trade Duncan and Reyes, but in order to get something have to give something in return, and I'm not sure they qualify. IF Ludwick can continue to put up good numbers, he's the guy I'd dangle. Mather, Ankiel and Rasmus will be the full-time OF next year if not sooner anyway I think.

Well, enough ranting about the about an old story about my dear friend John. Hopefully he won't mind. His story of breaking his toe reminded me of this. When we were like 10 or 11 we were playing football in his backyard with several other guys. John was playing really well as a receiver and a corner back throughout the game. John tried to intercept a pass, which I think would've been his second of the game. He succeeded or at least deflected it I think, but he injured his finger in the process. He tried to keep playing, but it swelled up really big. Since it was a very hard thrown ball, we all thought it was broken, so we went inside to tell his parents. His dad didn't believe us and thought it was just jammed. He pulled on the finger to pop it back out for like three minutes. How John didn't cry out in complete pain I'll never know. Turns out, it was DEFINITELY broken. Moral of the story: John - go get your toe looked at, but not by your dad.

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