Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When it rains..........

Yeah, we won tonight. Whoop-de-frakkin-doo. If there are two completely indispensible players on the team they are Pujols (obviously) and Wainwright. Wainwright is on DL as of today. Strained finger. Hopefully won't miss more than three starts, but no one is sure right now. Pujols had to leave the game tonight with a calf injury. The dreaded "will be re-evaluated tomorrow". Maybe its not serious and he won't miss much time, or any time at all, but it is not the news we needed today of all days. I'm glad we are a season-high 12 games over .500 and that we are playing a not great cincy team followed by the Phils at home (thought the Phils are pretty good). Hopefully we can play around .500 while we get healthy. Ankiel was back tonight. Wellenmeyer is supposed to be OK. Pineiro will be back soon. I guess those are good things, but the importance of those guys pales in comparison to Pujols and Wainwright in my opinion. Ludwick had better keep playing like an All-star, that much is for sure. That's enought. I'm getting myself too depressed.



Cardinal70 said...

Duncan's already been recalled. It's at least two weeks without AP.

Not a good thing whatsoever, but hopefully the pitching will help them through it.

Cardinal John said...

Where did you hear about the length of Pujols' absence?