Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jekyll vs. Hyde

Good series against Boston. Could've had the sweep, but well played nonetheless. How do we perform that well against the AL's best and after sucking at home against one of their worst? Anyway, so additional good news: Albert may not be out so long after all. The offense, as I mentioned earlier, has really missed this consistency, but at least we've played around .500 without him I believe, which is better than I expected. Well, onto the Tigers in Detriot now. Hopefully, we'll take 2 of 3 again at least. A couple of questions: has anyone heard when Wainwright might be didn't seem like his injury was real serious, but I haven't heard anything new. Also, who is this Stavinoha guy? I would rather have seen Mather get another look, but maybe they didn't want to use another option on him. Anyway, I guess he's been raking in the minors even if I've never heard of him. Not a great first game for him, but Fenway isn't the easiest place to start in the bigs. I'll reserve judgement for now.


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