Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Holiday Mix-Up

Apparently, the Phillies thought it was Christmas instead of Father's day as they gift wrapped one to the Cards. Nearly identical errors by Gordon (although the first one was scored to Utley) in the bottom of the extra frame give the Cardinals an ugly but "we'll take it" victory. Not only that, but the Cardinals won the series. If I told you that the Cardinals would be outscored by 16 runs in this series how many games would you have thought they would have lost? I def wouldn't have guessed that they would have won the series.

But the so many recently...came with a heavy price. Molina took a nasty blow and somehow...amazingly held on to the ball with a collision at the plate. I'm really hoping and praying that he will be okay. Things didn't look promising the way he was loaded up on the stretcher and carted away. Bruntlett really should have slid...he might have been safe that way. I'm not calling his collision dirty, but I am calling it stupid and careless. Should Molina spend any time on the DL some more reshuffling will take place. Not sure who would be moved off the 40 man--prolly a non-active--but I wouldn't be too surprised to see Bryan Anderson get the call up from AAA. He's hitting the ball nicely and looks very promising at 22 years old. Mark Johnson and Gabe Johnson don't appear to be show worthy. However, since none of them are on the 40-man roster the Cardinals may be rather hesitant to start Anderson's arbitration clock--and possibly start using up options. I think a lot of it depends on just how serious the injury to Molina is. Furthermore, any significant time off may spell curtains for Molina's All-Star bid. I really would have rather seen Bruntlett score and we take the "L" than to have that happen to Molina. it wasn't like Christmas after all. But we'll still take the gift from Gordon. Reyes gets the "W" and Duncan makes the winning play (kinda)--so there's a small--very small--silver linging. Gotta make you smile to see those two having a hand in the win.

One more thing...I saw Pujols in the dugout after the Molina injury. Apparently, he was helping Molina into the ambulance or something. It is against the rules to be in the dugout while on the DL. Anyhow, do they really enforce the no dugout admittance while on the DL? And could El Hombre get into any trouble for being there?

Oh and two more things...hit and run with Lohse yesterday. Pinch hitting with Looper today.
Is Prince Valiant getting a little TOO creative?


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