Friday, June 06, 2008

That was Odd

Was hoping that we might make up more than just a half game on the Cubs yesterday. It was not to be, as the double bill was split. A few thoughts:

-AP seems to be rather okay. Glad to see him PHing.
-Worrell and Parisi got in on the RBI's...ooookay. Too bad Parisi gave up too many. He'll prolly get moved to the pen...could he be demoted?
-Mather does it all...again. I enjoy those rare moments where am I so right.
-PreDraft predicted that Brett Wallace would probably only play 1st base in the majors. Think that's what the Cards have in mind? Ha!
-I think I broke my toe on the stairs yesterday. It wasn't one of my more graceful moments in my life. I'm still amazed how I did it. I'm still unsure how I did it. I wonder if I should have it looked at. What does this have to do with the Cardinals? The way I fell reminded me of Chris Duncan playing the OF. That was offsides now wasn't it?


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