Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Random Thoughts

Had a friend from the States come visit me this weekend. So, I didn't have tons of time to post. Splitting versus the Pirates is never acceptable in my book. Those are series you have to win. Last night was just another winnable game. However, 4 runs is just below the league average, so you're not going to take home too many W's with that. I really enjoyed how the Cardinals wasted an option on Jimenez--not (although it may never be a problem), but it's a sign that they brought up the wrong man. Hopefully, at least they have corrected the situation. All griping aside, I am loving the young team, and I am loving seeing the farm system FINALLY pay off. The Cardinals had been riding the strength of Jocketty's horsetrading skills for too long. After cooling off a bit, it was good to see Lud's get in on the RBI column--even in the loss. Really likin' the Mather call up. Lately, the question seems to be, should we deal young talent for contending this year? I think we'll have to part with some, but not the crown jewels. Soooooo...What do you think? If you had to place odds on some of the Cardinals/Redbirds moving...what would you give:

and just for fun


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Cardinal70 said...

Reyes and Duncan seem the most reasonable to me to be moved. Ankiel and Rasmus can take care of the lefty OF power slot for the next few years. And Reyes is obviously never going to get a shot here.