Monday, June 09, 2008

Winnable and Losable

Or in this case not Losable and Losable.

Saturday's game was much closer than it should have been. The Astros had no business bringing the tying run to the plate after the 7 run inning by the Cards. Sunday's game was also not what it should have been. The Cardinals had NO business whatsoever in this game.

McC's stat line was not pretty. But upon closer inspection the hits the Astros got against him had eyes. They were poorly hit balls that just managed to move runners onto base. Some accused him of not hitting his spots...I suggest otherwise. Rewatching that inning shows the Astros swinging at pitches out of the zone and hitting the ball in such a way that would normally generate outs. Just simple bad luck. This game showed the power of the homerun to generate runs without the need to string together as many hits. The longball CAN be so underrated. The Astros brought up the tying run later in the game--but the tying run was at the plate only because of these weak hits and the Crawford Cheap Seats. This game was not what I would call Losable

The Cardinals were stymied by one Wandy Rodriguez...ahem. That was until the game got handed to them with HBP's, wildpitches, walks, and one well timed hit. They should have lost this game hands down. Instead the Cardinals steal one. Outhit 4 to 9 is not a recipe for success. This game shouldn't have been winnable, instead the Cards get the best of both worlds and take 2 at the worst stadium ever.


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