Thursday, June 12, 2008

God may be cruel, but at least he's fair.

Well, the team certainly responded better than I did to Pujol's injury. Looper pitched his best game ever as a starter and the offense exploded behind Ludwick, and Ankiel and JASON LaRUE? Who would have guessed. On another note, with Wainwright and Pujols down, I was really just hoping we could remain in good wild card position and bascially conceding the division to the streaking Cubs, but then, boom! Soriano goes down for 6 weeks. Maybe he's not AS important to them as Albert is to us, but it's not coincidense that their hot streak has coincided with him finding his swing after a slow start. Overall, they still have more healthy talent than we do, but I hate them, so this gives me some hope we can keep contact until the All-star break, when (hopefully) we'll start to get close to whole again. Anyway, props again to the boys for coming out and making a big statement yesterday. Pineiro back on the mound tonight. Let's keep it rolling before the tough series against Philly.


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