Saturday, May 31, 2008

I hope Duncan gets his swing back, but.........

Seriously, did you see that catch Mather made? I know he is not known for his defense usually, but there is no way Duncan comes even close to a ball hit that sharply. John called for this move in the blog a while ago I think, and I definitely believe it was a good move. They can now rotate two RH and two LH hitters in the outfield with Barton playing the PR, defensive sub role he is better suited for. The team is playing pretty well right now, but if things can improve, it is on the offensive end. I'd personally like to see Brendan Ryan play instead of Izturis more. Izturis has hit better recently, but for a while he was doing worse than the pitchers and actually DESERVED to bat ninth. He is a good defensive player, but so is Ryan. I really think LaRussa likes Ryan on the bench because he can play any infield position. That's all well and good, but I say let your best players play every day. I've never been a big platoon guy, but maybe I shouldn't be complaining. We are ten games over .500, so LaRussa must be doing something right.

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