Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm a sore loser today.

Though I'm still a true cardinal and my least favorite team is the Cubs, living in Houston has made be REALLY hate the Astros, so I'm extra angry after last night's loss. I know we have a tough time against them at their place (because they can cheat there), but I expect us to do better at home. Looper has been the anti-Wainwright so far this year. Good record, but horrible ERA, WHIP and BAA. If Mulder can (by some miracle) come back and rejoin the rotation, Looper may be the guy we should send back to the bullpen, and not Wellenmeyer. On the plus side, the bullpen again pitched great and Albert went deep. Hopefully, that means he is mentally recovered from that disturbing game he had against the Padres last week. Anyway, they had better win today.......or I don't know what I'll do....but it won't be pretty.

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