Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1 Swing

Was all the difference...Too bad. J.P. pitched a decent game and the bullpen did alright. The offense really let us down. Is it just me or do the Cards seem to let down pretty hard after a big night at the plate? Although, I do like to see Luds batting behind Pujols. I think that is a big part of Pujols' seeing more pitches lately. However, I do not like Duncan as a number two. Furthermore, while I do like having the speedy Barton on the bench, he is simply not cutting the mustard. 2 more K's. And an 0-4 on the evening...leading off.

"Excuse me? I'm kinda new to this Call me crazy. But aren't lead-off men supposed to...I don't know...get on base?!"

This message brought to you by the letters M and A and T and H and E and R.


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