Friday, May 16, 2008

Good Rotation? So What?

What good is a solid rotation if the bullpen is going to piss it away every time? Look, I love Izzy. He did some great things, but he is missing his spots, leaving balls up, and is getting hammered. Albeit, Bay's homerun was weak sauce. But that wasn't even the BS...walking the leadoff man...again?! Doing his best Tigers 2006 World Series impression?! Villone wasn't pretty either. This bullpen is in shambles. I still think that the Cards need a bigger bat, but I don't know where one is going to come from. Perhaps it would be best at this time to realize that a big bat won't be ready till the trade deadline--maybe not even then. Finding another couple arms for the bullpen would be an easier task in my estimation.

With the amount of LoB I still think it's just a matter of time till the runs come around. Heck even Izturis' bat is picking up. But we have no chance of winning games if the bullpen gets tagged for more runs than the starters do--that's just not good baseball.

The problem right now is: our two biggest pieces of trade bait aren't going to solve the Cards' problems. We really blew it on Reyes. I don't see anyone wanting to pick him up. Duncan, although batting better lately, is still a liability in the field. Seriously, I'm embarrassed to watch him play left field. It's not a pretty sight. (Fair enough, he'd play it almost as good as me...yes, I'm that bad).

We're inching much too close to .500 for my tastes. And in the division that we are could be costly.


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