Saturday, May 24, 2008

the weight is on Wainwright

Sorry for the grammar errors in the last post. There will be more most likely, but I'll try to at least proof read before I hit "submit" in the future. Anyway, I wanted to post how Adam Wainwright had pitched us to another win tonight, but the game is delayed currently with one out in the bottom of the ninth and I want to go to sleep (how is it raining in LA hard enough to delay the game?). I'll just say what I want to say and ASSUME Franklin saves the game. Wainwright should be, by all rights, only our #3 starter behind Mulder and Carpenter, but instead, he's the ace. And he's pitched like it. That's pretty remarkable for a guy in only his second year starting in the big leagues. Granted, he's seen some pressure closing games in the playoffs, but starting is a different ball game. This year, however, he has continually gone deep into games, saving the bullpen and giving us a chance to win. His W-L record isn't stellar, but his ERA and innings pitched count are. The other guys seem to be following his lead as well. I know expectations aren't as high for the other guys, but that makes Wainwright's performances that much better in my opinion. He HAS to be the man for us to contend, and so far, he's lived-up to that billing. Oh yeah, and Ludwick hit another (hopefully) game winning HR tonight. Sick.


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