Friday, May 23, 2008

I bleed red

Seriously, that's what happens when the skin is broken and blood is exposed to oxygen. In all seriousness, I am a huge cardinal's fan and have been basically since I can remember thinking at all. I want to thank John for letting contribute to this blog. It's going to be great fun for me to talk baseball with him again. Sadly, I have a lot of venting to do because I've stuck in Houston the last four years. That's right, surrounded by astros' fans and going to games in that mockery of a ballpark known as Minute Maid. I wore my cardinal's hat every day to class though and endured the abuse. Oh, and I was watch game 5 of the 2005 NLCS with some "friends" and got whoop and holler and yell "in your face" when Pujols hit that memorable bomb off Lidge. Of course, we lost the next game and the series, but it was a sign of good things to come in 2006 at least. Speaking of good things, watching the Cardinals this year has surprisingly been (usually) one of them. I'm back in Oklahoma now, and more of my own kind are here, so I feel liberated and optomistic. I'll admit, I wasn't that way in spring training. Few proven bats in the lineup and even less in the rotation. So, though there is a long way to go, I'll be hopefull that I'll do less of the venting I promised earlier and more praising the way this team has defied the odds and played winning baseball.


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