Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ahhhh...That's Better

A 6-1 victory over the Astros after an 8-2 loss will always make you feel a bit better. The Cardinals took an early lead based mainly on mistakes. I would have rather seen them get a few more runs in the first with 3 on and 0 out. But I guess I'm just greedy. It didn't matter as WW was up to the task. 3 hits in 8 ip, 8k's, and 1 er. Niiiice. This is the WW we all love and EXPECT now. Ankiel had a very nice catch--and that makes up for that horrible throw from throw from yesterday. Now about Pujols tryin' to take 2nd on the Luds flyout to right. Now I know that everyone loves him and he does seem to make quite a few errors on the basepaths. But if we are going to praise him when he takes the chance and it pays off we can't jump all over him when it doesn't pay off. Pence has got a noodle (see him in action here). Luds is out. It could have made something happen. The only real complaint I have is that he didn't stay on the bag. Ehh "we'll call it a draw."

With the Cubs pulling "W's" faster than disenfranchised republicans and their bumper stickers, we need to win games against pitchers like Wandy. With the likes of Oswalt comin' up the hill today, we'll need another strong offensive performance and the good Lohse to show up. Although, Oswalt has been less than stellar this year... It's still Oswalt. That could just mean he's due.


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