Thursday, May 22, 2008

Classy = Pujols

I don't have much time today. I am under the gun with a paper due tomorrow and I can't believe I'm going to even take time out today to see the Irish Premier of Indiana Jones. So...I'll be brief.

Let me simply start by saying that my best wishes go out to Chris Young and Josh Bard. I hope they recover quickly. You hate to see a team get injuries especially when they're down on their luck these days.

Next, I'd like to say that the Cards were fantastic last night. Pounding out 16 hits in a rout to win the series. It could have easily been a sweep, but I guess I should never complain about taking 2/3 on the road.

I'm going to take a moment to say that Pujols is a classy fellow. Sure, he'll let you know how he feels. And he'll tell ya when you've screwed up. But wow. Pujols was visibly upset. As soon as the play was over he hovered near the mound in concern. Soon he was joined by Adrian Gonzalez as they bowed their heads in prayer. After taking out Bard's leg at home-plate, anyone would be shaken. El Hombre is El Hombre...but he's still a man. And any man would not be able to think straight after that--especially the Young injury. TLR even took him out in the 8th. I hope that this doesn't have any long term effects on Young, Bard, or Pujols.

Am I wrong, or is this the first break of the season for the Redbirds...(checks schedule in the sidebar)...since the 14th of April?! Common people! The Cards went from red hot, to slumping, to playing well again. Over a month of baseball without a day off?! Give the guys a break. I hope the Redbirds enjoy today. They've earned it. Perhaps some might think that it allows them to build up momentum. More likely not. Whoever is in charge of scheduling needs to be, as they say over here, sacked. I'm glad that Pujols gets the day off after that harrowing game.

Lost amidst all the other stuff going on: Schumaker makes an insane catch, and guess who's back...Ankiel gets a pinch-hit homerun.

Wish me luck on my paper. And I hope Indy is as good as the previous ones. Guess I wasn't as brief as I thought I'd be.



Cardinal70 said...

They were off on May 1. That tends to blend in since it's the beginning of the month (with all those empty slots before it).

I was very impressed with Pujols last night, especially his prayer with Gonzalez. As I wrote today, though, don't know why he wasn't quite as seemingly concerned about Bard.

Cardinal John said...

I knew I musta missed a day in there. Still a pretty rough schedule.

Watching the game I have two thoughts on the Bard play:

Pujols was off to the dugout before he knew that Bard was seriously hurt.

When I first saw the injury to Young, I was scared for his life. I think that's what shook Pujols so much. With Bard, that fear just simply wasn't there.