Monday, May 05, 2008

What was Worse?

What was worse last night: the Rockies announcers last night or the officiating? McKay was clearly playfully pushing Helton at first. The Cardinals clearly have had the high socks for some time--since the 1800's. Hurdle clearly was making just as many moves as TLR. Izturis clearly didn't put his glove up "in self-defense." Molina was clearly safe. Molina clearly didn't catch the foul tip third strike.

Ryan looked silly at the plate in the 9th.
Pujols looked like he was running better.
Pujols looked like his back was hurting on the pickoff bluff at 2nd.
Pujols looked like a genius in the 9th.

For that 1% of the population gripin' about Pujols in the clutch: Shut up.

Edit: I'd like to add that I really enjoyed the outing from Parisi. You could tell he was a bit nervous, but he had quality stuff. Good to see Izzy pitch well. His BB was controversial. That's two strong outings in a row. Let's keep it up. Flores pitched better than his stat line showed. The hits that came off him were either extended zone hits, or that weak "excuse me" swing hit that went just a bit farther than my 7 week old daughter can spit up. Def. what I call a "losable" game. But we'll take it.



Cardinal70 said...

Awesome to watch Pujols have such awareness and win the game like that. I missed most of it, but it sounds like it was a fun one.

Cardinal John said...

You can see replays at you prolly already know that.