Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back on Track

I was about to make a post about how LOB and high OBP is a sign of a team that doesn't hit enough HR's--something Earl Weaver would have appreciated. But then last night happened. 4 HR's and an 8 run performance. The 19 LoB is a deceptive stat. The team LoB of 11 is better. And the education of Cardinal John continues. What is more, even Izturis got into the act. Cards were really lucky to not have to face a healthy Peavy--or even an unhealthy one.

Pujols' upper deck HR was absolutely sick. It was a frozen rope. The tape measure 405 feet does not do it justice. Am I the only one who hates how they measure those things? There's no way that a ball seemingly still going up into the 3rd basket of the Western Metal Supply Co. building only went 405. Ludwick continued his hotstreak by hitting his 4th homerun in 7 AB. The next person that mentions trading him while he's hot is going to get a beatin'. I don't want him being the next (offensive) Danny Haren. What's crazy is not just his OPS but his cumulative stats for how few AB's he has.

Have I mentioned that I hate Minute Maid Amusement Park? I'm glad to see Jimmy Ballgame still up to his old tricks--even if it is in that horrible uniform.

Looks like the struggling Padres were exactly what the Dr. ordered.


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Cardinal70 said...

That home run was an absolute blast. I can't believe that it was one that would have just barely been out if it'd gone to center.