Sunday, April 27, 2008

Batting McClellan Bottom 8th

It might be a little too early...but it's been two games that one might expect Izzy and TLR has avoided him. Sure, today was not a save situation (4 run lead), but McClellan was left in the game (with one out) to sacrifice with Molina at first. Doesn't seem to be a sign of a whole lot of confidence in our normal closer. Sure, you could say that TLR is simply giving Izzy some time to recover from the fiasco a couple of nights ago. But the night before TLR let a pitcher go all the way for the first time all year--which, btw, was a save situation. It's too early to come to any conclusions, but I wouldn't be surprised to see McClellan or another pitcher be groomed for the closer role in the near future.


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