Friday, October 14, 2011

Channeling the 2006 Tigers?

Watching the Brewers fielders is like nothing I've ever seen...cept maybe the 2006 Tigers in the World Series. The Tiger's errors (especially by Inge and Zumaya) laid out the welcome mat for a series that may have gone on much longer. Similarly, although the Cardinals are doing damage on their own part, they are certainly being helped along by Betancourt, Weeks, and Hairston (as I watch in game 5). Don't forget Estrada doing his best Zumaya pick-off impersonation. Furthermore, there have been many "non-errors" which should have been outs by Hart as his clumsily stumbles about right field. The limpy weeks let a soft hit ball behind second drop for what should have been a relatively easy out. Similarly, Nyjer Morgan too worried about how...soft...the center field padding was or too frozen to get a decent jump comically misplayed two balls that should/could have been outs. As beastly as the Brewers have been at the plate they have been anything but patrolling the diamond. In fact I would describe them as looking timid and bewildered--especially Hart who looks absolutely lost. Despite the Brewers' home record, when one combines the Cardinals hot bats, resurgent bullpen, starting pitching matchups, and Milwaukee's fielding I don't see the Cardinals NOT taking one over the next two. In fact, I don't see how Marcum stands a chance in game 6. We will see. Video of many of the gaffs here.
P.S. On a different note I didn't like Pujols' last AB--it was oddly reminiscent of his game 1 hacks at balls out of the strike zone.
P.P.S. Chambers can fly.

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