Wednesday, August 11, 2004

2 Hits and some Injuries

Carpenter, Marquis, Suppan, Morris, and Williams have only missed 1 start COMBINED this year. Come Sunday, look to see that stat rise to 2. Carpenter made an early exit yesterday due to back spasms. Although he said he should be ready to go, I doubt Tony will start him. Look for some roster moves.

Pujols has bone spurs, and his trainer says that he will be able to play though the pain. This injury is one that does not go away easily and should have Cardinal fans alarmed.

If you told Beckett that the Fish would give up just two hits in the game yesterday, I guarantee you that he would have said, "Deal!" What you didn't tell him was that two of those hits would be homeruns and the Marlins would muster 1 run themselves. In one of the strangest games all year, Pujols and Jimmy did what they do best.


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