Thursday, August 26, 2004

Pujols' Third Hit

  • Fortunetly I don't have as much time as usually to spend on my post-- I get to spend the evening at the Great American Ballpark. I've never been to Cincinnati so I am quite excited.
  • After a two-run homer and a double, Pujols lays down a great bunt to catch the Reds on their heels. I would love to see Barry Bonds lay down a bunt these days. Pujols' bunt single was the difference. At what point do you say, "Bonds gets a whole lot of walks, Pujols wins games." I think we are getting closer.
  • Sanders should be back in the lineup, as he had padding on his elbow. Womack should be back as well.
  • Looking closer at Cedendo's contract, the Mets might be picking up part of it. Anyone know where I might be able to track down this information?



Peter said...

I recommend Dugout Dollars ( for contract details. Looks like the Cards are giving him $1 million this year and another mil next. From there, I can't tell if they're paying the remainder over '07 and '08.

But according to Chris Karhl of Baseball Prospectus back in April about the trade, "the Mets are footing around nine-tenths of the bill." So I gather that the Mets are paying the remaining $8 mil, perhaps more.

alphawoman said...

When it rained this afternoon I thought about you and made a wish that it clears up for your adventure in Cincinnati tonight!

Cardinal John said...

Thanks for the website, Pete. Hope you have a good and safe trip. Lookforward to seeing you this weekend.

Cardinal John said...

Glad you did, Mary. Game was beautiful. Weather was perfect. With the exception of the Cardinals loss it was a great night at the ballpark.