Tuesday, August 17, 2004

So Far...

So far the theme of my webpage has been: "Do the Cardinals have enough hitting to survive?" Most people laugh at me or tell me to be grateful that my team is dominating. After lurching on some message boards, I have seen that the ney-sayers are preaching loudly from their soap-boxes against Cardinal pitching.

To myself and to them I say, "Enough already!" The rotation and the bullpen have proven themselves. The lineup is unbelievable. 14 games ahead of their nearest division opponent! They just took 2 out of 3 against the NL East leader.

As an all sports adict I am glad the olympics are here. But at some point you get your fill of Gymnastics, SIMMING, and volleyball. Would it kill them to show some of the other sports?

Back to baseball. I am not the only one ( I think) that really wants the Cubs NOT to make the playoffs. Sammy will get out of his slump, pitchers will heal, and they are too dangerous. I would rather face Barry Bonds and SF's horrible bullpen. The Braves played some of their best ball against the Cards and only won 1 game. (the one game they would have lost it if wasn't for some silly Cardinal fielding errors) It really is looking like Yankees v. Cardinals. Any doubters?



Fitz said...

Great page.

I agree, the Cubs are a scary enough team if they are healthy, especially in a playoff scenerio. I think they are the only NL team that can beat us in the playoffs

Cardinal John said...

Thanks appreciate your comment and the compliment.