Friday, August 27, 2004

Great American Ballpark Bummer

I had a great time at the Great American Ballpark. I think that I might be able to say I had a good time. In the end though, I have to say I was bummed. Cardinals were snubbed by great pitching and super defending. Here are some of the highlights and some other thoughts:

  • I didn't know that Cincinnati was Central Time. The Reds' home is just an hour and a half from my home near Lexington--which is Eastern Time. I was thrilled thinking I might catch some BP, but LaRussa cancelled it because of the evening flight. My wife had a huge headache--Lord bless her for coming. Did ever mention she is a Cubs fan? No? Well while we were in engaged I was flying home through Chicago and thought it would be funny if I got her a Cubs hat to wear while I wear all my Cardinals hats. Boy was that a mistake. She goes out of her way now to catch Cubs games on TV. I fear I may be sent to Purgatory a little longer for that one.
  • If you told me before yesterday's game that the Cardinals would not reach second base all game I would have told you to shut up. Then I would probably have said something about how you know nothing of baseball. Then after the game I would have apologized to you. The Cardinals were dominated by the Reds. I guess they were due. We really have taken it to them this year. I am not pleased with the amount of close games lately. If Carpenter hdan't pitched so well himself I would have started ranting about how we need better pitching. But it has been our skinny hitting that has got me concerned as of late.
  • Wow is that a beautiful stadium. Great view of the Ohio river. I was extremely dissapointed that the scoreboard was out for the entire game. Apparently a computer virus had accessed the system and they were attempting to fix it for the entire game. I feel for the slob who was downloading MP3's that got them in to that situation. Players kept wondering what inning it was.
  • Shout out to the great Reds' fans of section 521, who tolerated having this outsider among them. Really great people there who were friendly and helpful. They cheered me on when I put on my rally cap in the ninth. Actually I think they were mocking me. That's what the problem was I waited till the 9th to put it on. I have never seen so many people go to the game and actually not watch the game. I think the scoreboard being out had something to do with it. 19,000 people at the game. A fourth of them were prolly Card's fans. 3,000 of the Reds' fans prolly left after the 7th. Otherwise the people of Cinci were great and I had a great time...except.
  • Beer. $6 a pop. Not quite as pricey as our St. Louis brews but I witnessed one couple drop over $50 on booze. Can vendors tell someone, "You've had enough?" Might have been my imagination but there seemed to be more drinking than usual. I guess I might even drink a few if my team was 5 games below 500 and 3.3 Million games out of first.


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alphawoman said...

I felt like I was there with you! Bummer about the scoreboard being on the blink! Beer prices!!! I shudder to think what the four of us spent when we were there....too much! My husband just received some things from his sister that she was keeping for him. A Ted Williams autograph on the Invitational Baseball Tournament certificate 1963! He is so excited. Also, a quite rare Earle Combs on same....have you ever heard of this guy?