Tuesday, August 24, 2004

One of these Things is not Like the Other!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Here are some players and their salaries with less than 150 ABs for the 2004 season. (Players with significant injury time are excluded)

J. Macias-CHC-$75oK
T. Hollandsworth-CHC-$1M
A. Nunez-PIT-$625K
J. Offerman-MIN-$500K
J. Grabowski-LA-$301K
M. Sweeney-COL-$400K
Q. McCracken-ARI-$1.75M
T. Perez-PHI-$750K
V. Wilson-NYM-$715K
D. Berg-TOR-$800K
J. Carroll-MON-$310K
A. Nunez-KC-$300K
R. Gload-CHW-$302K
D. Brown-KC-$309.5K
J. McEwing-NYM-$500K
D. McCarty-BOS-$500K
D. Glanville-PHI-$550K
M. Ojeda-SD-$305K
R. Cedeno-STL-$5.375Million!!!

What are the Cardinals thinking?!?! Something has got to be done!
For a great article concerning Cedeno, go to: http://www.go-cardinals.org/ and check out the August 20 entry.

Salaries from USAToday.com; Stats as of 8/25/2004


alphawoman said...

This is your friendly library friend! Salaries are out of control...that is why beer is so high at the ball parks

Dan said...

If I remember correctly, the Mets are on the hook for like 9 of 10 million dollars left on Roger's 2 year contract, so he's only getting Joe McEwing money from us.

Len said...

Um... a small request. When you decide to play around with font colors again, ditch the shade of yellow you used for the Nunez listing; it's damn impossible to read.

And as long as I'm commenting, keep up the good work!

Cardinal John said...

Sorry 'bout the yellow! I always want to make sure my readers can actually read my rantings. I didn't preview it before I posted.

a less Jaundised CJ

Cardinal John said...

Thanks for the comment. Know where I can get a hold of that info?


Cardinal John said...

Thanks to all those who know what they are talking about. I guessed I shouldn't have just taken USAtoday at face value. Looks like the Mets are the ones that need the frontal lobotomy. Mets are taking on the vasy majority of Cedeno's contract. BUT IN 2007....