Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Wild Cards, Ankiel, and Others

  • Gosh, Obviously I want the Cardinals to win every game, but is it Possible that A Devoted fan of the Cardinals could Really cheer for the other team, simply because of the Ever-present looming possiblity of a Scary Chicago team in the postseason? ......NAH!
  • Possiblity of 6 men added to the rosters as soon as Wednesday. LaRussa has already mentioned worries about the roster being "overcrowded." Here are the ones mentioned to be brought up from Memphis and who I think should be brought up and who should stay home (not counting that will come off the DL:

  1. Ankiel-He's baaaaack. With the popular motif of strengthening a "tired" bullpen Ankiel is a likely candidate to join the Cardinals at expansion. Not only is he a Southpaw (much needed in the Cardinal's sea of righties), but he has been outstanding in his last few starts.
  2. Danny Haren, Simo-man, and Evan Rust-These guys are in the same boat--as their chances of being recalled are the same. At that point only one of thse three will prolly get out of said boat. The post-season will push one of the starting five to the bullpen, which will lessen the need for another righty in the pen. Look for Jason to get the nod.
  3. John Gall-scary hitting and suspect fielding is this kids story so far. With an already deep outfield I don't see the real motive to bring him up. However, Gall will be a Redbird...a Memphis Redbird that is.
  4. Scott Seabol-The 29 year old 3rd baseman has been unbelievable this year hitting .299 and 32 roundtrippers. He has better hitting stats across the board compared to Gall. "Magic 8 Ball, will Seabol make the team?" "Sources say 'Yes'."
  5. Bo Hart-You can't not like this guy. Hart has a ton of experience from last year and has huge upside. His experience and charisma is a plus. Outlook: On the bubble. Look for LaRussa to add him in case of late season injury.
  6. Colin Porter-Porter got a call up earlier this season, but does not have impressive numbers this year. A reliable outfielder and known for his speed on the basepaths, he would be useful as a defensive sub and pinch runner. However, that position is pretty much filled by So Taguchi. On the other hand he would be a lefty coming off the bench. Magic 8 Ball: Outlook doubtful.
  7. Cody McKay-Always nice to have a third catcher. Things can get ugly after just a few hard hits at home. Just ask Molina after Saturday's game. McKay impressed in Spring training, but what have you done for me lately? More than likely he'll make the cut.


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