Friday, August 13, 2004

Email, Simo-Man, So, Trade, and Stuff

Please pray for all those who may be affected by the hurricane.

A. For those of you who have been trying to reach me at and are coming up craps, please email me at my wife's email: I will let you know when Netscrap decides to get its act together.

2. Looks like this old forcaster did okay. (Plus a good tip from another Cardinal website, Simo-man as Mike Shannon likes to call him has been called up from Memphis and So Taguchi has been sent packing. Personally I think the Cardinals would be better off sending someone like Cedeno down to AAA. So has a better glove, better speed, but doesn't really hammer the ball. With the aqusition of Walker, we can afford to send the $5M man (Roger)--packing.

D. Apparently I spoke too soon about a "player to be named." John Gall will still be in the Redbird's organization and instead the Rockies will receive 24 year old Southpaw Louis Martinez. He was involved in a shooting in the offseason, but was cleared of all charges (in the Domnican Republic). Card's claimed him during spring training off waivers. The final look on this trade seems to be a good one. Here's to Walker's health.

IV. It has come to my attention that I do a lot of complaining (not just from you, Pete) covering a team with the best record in baseball. Let me tell you why:
Because this is the most fun I've had in baseball since 1989. (Will Clark destroying the Cubs in the NCLS) But this is the most fun since 1987, when my beloved Card's had to play in the Metro-dodge-the-debris-that-the-evil-towel-waving-fans-are-throwing-on-the-field-Dome. I don't want the Cardinals to do so well and then blow it. I've seen it before and it isn't pretty. My father still loves to remind everyone at family occaisions how I cried whenever the Twins beat the Cards. Hey I was 9! But I digress, I haven't seen a team dominate like this since the Mariners were ripping it up what seems like just a few years ago. I can't say enough about how well the Cardinal's are doing in just about every aspect of the game. I guess that's why I concentrate on the negative-- I don't have to write as much.


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