Thursday, August 19, 2004

We Need So!

According to, LaRussa is considering putting Luna in center so Jimmy can take a break. Tony admitted he would have So starting center-field if he was not in AAA. Why not send Cedeno down? Rumor has it that Taguchi will be back with the Card's by the next road trip. His speed and his excellent glove would be gladly welcomed back. Inserting infielders so Edmonds can get rest is ridiculous, especially for a team of the caliber of the Cardinals.

Card's magic number is 31 after the loss. Looking forward to that number getting a lot smaller.

Carpenter should be starting this week. Looks like the skipped start was just out of precaution. Haren got the "W" anyhow. Looking forward to beating up on the hapless Pirates. Now a Brewer fan. Let's keep those Cubbies out of the playoffs. I really ain't got nothin' against 'em--they just scare me (at least while healthy). I am also interested in watching the Braves and Dodgers--should reveal some possible postseason tibits of interest.


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