Thursday, September 09, 2004

Annnnnnd We're Back...So Listen Up!

First week of grad school is the excuse for my MIA bit. So I've missed the opportunity to post on a great 9 game winning streak that included sweeps of the Dodgers and the Padres. "Nay," I say! What an exciting time to be a Cardinal fan! Great posts on many weblogs lately! Here is a sampling of some great stuff:

"Cards record through May 26th 23-22

Cards record since May 26th 69-22"

Brian has some great posts lately especially his second most recent on what the Cardinals SHOULD be making.

Robb is on a roll! This is some of the best stuff I've read so far and is very refreshing.

"Interesting to note that out of those 5 teams (that have won 110+ games) only 2 won the World Series with 2 others losing the World Series, and 1 not making it there at all. As a matter of fact...the odds of winning the World Series may not be as high as you would expect."

  • I could go on but we don't need another Cardinals' links site:
  • On the subject of a dream season, which many of my better counter-parts have pointed out, I would like to address satisfaction. My greatest fear is the 2001 Mariners. I believe that most Cardinal fans would agree that anything less than a World Series Championship would be less than preferable. The Cardinals, to this point, have exceeded EVERYONE'S expectations this year--if anyone disagrees they are lying. Such being the case they have set new expectations in the hearts of the Cardinals' faithful. So we arrive at the impass of hope and faith. I hope that the Cardinals win the Series versus I believe that they will win it all. In the end most fans will grant that the post-season is a completely different animal. However, post-season hopes are directly proportional to regular season performance. Few would admit that they had a strong faith that the Marlins would win it all last year. A good majority will predict happy October tidings for our Redbirds. I will be satisfied with an amazing season regardless of the outcome. Many of you know that I am also an Oklahoma Sooners football fan. The end of last season was disaterous beyond any of the Sooner Nation's expectations, yet it was an amazing season which I am, for lack of a better word, grateful for. It is a dream season. Now it is a dream season. Cardinal fans--Relax! Enjoy the dream season, and enjoy the dream post-season that might come--when it gets here.
  • Sweeps of two possible post-season opponents! (Less likely now for the Padres) What great tidings! "Visions of sugar-plumbs" eat your hearts out! Be clear, in light of my last bullet point, that I am not eating the dessert the same time as my other course. I am enjoying it now. But the sweep of the Dodgers gave me goose-bumps! Hmmm I think I should go eat lunch now.
  • Bummer about last night, but we were due for a beat down. 10-5 stinks no matter how you spin it. Morris proving once again with his $12 Million contract (I'm sure that the Cardinals are paying this one) he is expendable.


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