Monday, September 13, 2004

A Glitch

I feel like the kid named "Mouse" in the first Matrix movie right after Neo fell during the building jumping scene. "He didn't make it...What does that mean?" I want to be one of the other crew members who says, "Nobody makes the first jump." But this ain't the "first jump." The Cardinals have just lost 3 in a row to possible post season teams. Just a few posts ago I was celebrating how we swept the Dodgers and the Padres. What gives?
Here is the conversation between Mouse and lets say Cypher, talking about the chosen one, namely the 2004 St. Louis Cards.

Mouse: They fell 3 times in a row.
Cypher: Nobody makes it the first time.
Mouse: First time?!?! We're in the middle of bloody September!
Cypher: Maybe they aren't the chosen one.
Mouse: What does this mean?
Cypher: It means that the Cardinals are vulnerable.
Mouse: They might win 110 games and you say vulnerable?!
Cypher: Anything can happen in a Sho...
Mouse: If you give me any of that Short-Series-my-diction-crap, you can cram it up your...
Cypher: Calm down. I'm only telling you this 'cause you need to be prepared. I'm trying to free your mind.
Mouse: Free my mind? Aren't you the bad guy?
Cypher: Shut up and listen! All it takes is the Bad Morris to show up. You know the one who tosses break-less breaking-balls while yelling, "Stop trying to hit me and HIT ME!"
Mouse: So what if he's streaky. Suppan, Marquis, Carpenter, and Williams. 'Nough said.
Cypher: As this season has proven the offense goes limp for a few games, and by chance the defense has saved them.
Mouse: So what are the odds that both fail at the same time? Better they get it out of their system now. They have been strong enough to pull this kind of record off, I doubt they will fall prey to what has happened on this most recent road trip. It would be like Deja Vu.
Cypher: You don't mean?
Mouse: Yes, for the Cardinals to lose in the post-season, it would take a glitch in the Matrix!

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